Dialog Editing

The most crucial element of an immersive high quality film is Dialog. It all starts from here and the rest of the film is built around it.

We are specialists in Dialog Editing and fixing poor location sound to an incredible quality.


Sometimes it’s literally impossible to fix poor location sound. In this case, we work with the actors and re-record their dialog, either in our recording studio or remotely. We then replace the poor location sound with the newly recorded dialog and blend it in to the scene so it sounds and feels seamless, as if it was recorded on set. We also work remotely with actors and edit their recordings in our studio.

Sci-Fi - Trailer

Sound Effects
Sound Design
Music Composition
Final Mix

Sound Design - Action

Watch how we completely re-create action scenes, from zero sound all the way through to a final mix.

We show you our Step by Step process and its really fun to watch!

Sound Design - Horror

Horror is a Genre which shows just how much of an impact and influence sound can make to a film.

They say sound is 70% of a film experience…I’d agree!
Check out these samples and the difference before and after!

Sound Design - Trailer

We were asked to create an Epic Sound for this Indie Feature film. We began by cleaning the dialog and adding the right ambiences, before deep diving into Foley, Sound Design and adding an Epic Score to finish it off!

End result…looks and sounds High Budget…Epic!!

Original Soundtrack

I was asked to create a Motif and Intro theme for the film Daytime Nightmare, which set the scene for the mood of the entire film.

Every quality film needs a Motif. We constructed over 35 pieces of original score specifically to compliment the mood and feeling of each scene and bring the film to life. This resulted in multiple awards across the globe!

Music Composition

The Intro to a film is so important. It’s crucial to create highly engaging, compelling music, which compliments and creates an eye capturing intro. Our audience have a very short attention span and keeping them hooked is essential to them sticking around to watch the rest of the film.

Check out how we did for Daytime Nightmare!

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